Prior to August 2017, Vic had been breeding & showing in partnership as "Murray & Spink" with David Spink, for about 13 years in the Open section with elevation to Champion in 2011.

After dissolving the partnership in late 2017, under the BCV rules, both exhibitors are required to drop back into Open and accumulate their own points to achieve Champions status again.

Vic was successful in collecting more than enough points in 2018 to be elevated back into Champion section on 1st January 2019.

Prior to forming the partnership both breeders had been involved for many years as individuals from Juniors back in the 60's through to Open for many years, with the usual time out for work & family commitments.

The championship budgerigar stud was built on having one bird room and aviaries at Vic's premises where the hobby was shared until 2013 when David moved to a new property where he built his own new facility.

The varieties that Vic breeds include most of the normal Greens, Blues, Spangles, Double Factor Spangles, Whitecaps, the occasional Dominant Pied & English YF with specialisation in the recessive varieties of Dilute, Clearwing & Blackeye. A few Cinnamons are also bread for outcrosses into the Blackeye's.
Vic was extremely successful over the years with these recessive varieties which culminated in winning the National Dilute section at the 2017 competition in Mackay, Queensland.

At state level Vic has won the Dilute class in the last four state shield competitions. And has had a Dilute in the state team 5 out of the last 6 years.

This was exceeded be winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd at the State Shield with those birds going to the Nationals in Brisbane in 2019 and winning 1st, 2nd & 4th.

The stud is made up of several leading bloodlines, with an emphasis on diversifying families to keep fertility levels up.

The aim is to strive to get depth of quality across all varieties and be able to compete regularly at National level.Vic is a Life member of United Budgerigar Society Inc, and takes an active role in the club.
National winning Dilute
2017 Mackay Qld.



National winning Dilute
2019 Brisbane Qld.

Murray & Spink SHOW RESULTS
4th August 2017
WHERE:      Greensborough 3088, Victoria, Australia
CLUB:          United Budgerigar Society

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